Cody Johnson Drops Two Songs from New Album “Leather”

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Cody Johnson Drops Two Songs from New Album "Leather"
Cody Johnson Drops Two Songs from New Album “Leather”

Cody Johnson Drops Two Songs from New Album “Leather” On his latest album, Cody Johnson delves into the world of leather. Johnson will release Leather, his third studio album, on November 3. Leather has 12 songs, including the current single “The Painter.” He offered two more songs, “Work Boots” and “Watching My Old Flame Go Out,” on Friday (September 22), giving fans another taste of what to anticipate.

The country song “Work Boots” tells the story of a hard-working man who seeks to impress the woman who has grabbed his attention. Johnson sings in the chorus, “She might be the one to change our world/But we ain’t going get the girls sittin’ on a stool/We gotta make our move, so come on work boots.”

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While “Work Boots” is a happier song, the heartbreaking ballad “Watching My Old Flame Go Out” is about a man who realizes that the woman he loves has moved on. He remarks, “It’s the hardest thing watching my old flame go out. If there’s the least bit of a spark left, she doesn’t show it/Yeah she’s movin’ on from me there ain’t no doubt/It’s the hardest thing.”

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In a press release, Johnson said, “I have to say, this round of songs is the best round of songs I have ever recorded and I feel like that’s the way it should be.” Every album ought to surpass the one before it. In October 2021, his earlier record Human:

The Double Record was made available. It contains one of his signature songs, “Til You Can’t,” which launched his career and became his first No. 1 success. It also brought him his first Grammy Award for Best Country Song at the 2023 ceremony. At the 2022 CMA Awards, it was also recognized as the Single of the Year and Video of the Year.

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Johnson made a suggestion that he and Jelly Roll might be working on a project together at the 2023 CMA Fest. “Real recognizes real, and respect is reciprocal. So, yes, we have discussed working together,

he remarked at the time. “I can’t share all the surprises, but I can say that there have been songs that we have listened to together that have spoken to him just as much as they have to me. Therefore, very soon you’ll notice something from us.

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